Irish-style Stew

I’ve always loved a good stew, but I’ve been disappointed how many recipes out there are the same, with one different ingredient, and they all call themselves “Irish Stew” – so I went into research mode and cobbled it together from some twenty different recipes found online, and some careful reading in a few recipe books I’ve picked up over the years.   Continue reading

The White Turkey Chili

White Turkey Chili

I cobbled together this recipe from about thirty search results, all because I had a hankering for chili and I saw ground turkey on sale.

I’m so glad my co-workers not only indulge my fantasizing about cooking, but they engage in my wild imaginings with suggestions.

This recipe assumes a 6-7 quart crock pot, and needs a sizable pan (12 inch or more) to fry up the turkey and peppers.  This will fill the crock-pot to the brim before it has a chance to cook down a bit, and needs checking and adjusting at least twice while cooking.   Continue reading