Log In

Please don’t try to log in if you aren’t n8ey.  I mean, really, don’t.  I check your IP address and compare that to the number of times you’ve tried to log in, and if it’s more than five times in a minute (actually, the threshold is much lower than that), I will block you.  If you keep trying to get in, I get an email on my phone.  If you keep trying to get in, I will block your IP.  If you keep trying to get in past that, I will block your city, or entire country.  And if you do get in, I will wipe this website and restore from a local backup that has all the security updates.

I’m not challenging you.  I’m just describing that I don’t want you messing with a service I pay for out of my personal money.

I’m not a company.  I’m n8ey.  Please don’t be an asshole.