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Last updated: 2018/05/13 11:06 US Central Daylight Time

In today’s Internet, everyone searches everything.  We made “Google” a verb to linguistically handle this phenomena, for crying out loud.  But we all still make bookmarks.  Why?

Because: search engines don’t produce the same results every time we search for things, even if we use the same terms in the same order.

Here’s my little bank of links that I really enjoy, because I’m old-school like that.

Note: This page will be updated as I rediscover links.  I’ll try to keep them in order, but, well, I see this page getting long as I dig up more and more links.


: means the link is a store.  I’m not getting paid for linking there, but this label means here be where I like to spend my doubloons.

: means the link may be considered NSFW, or at least questionable.  Given most corporate policies on Internet usage, if you visit these links at your job, I’m not responsible for the consequences in the slightest.  I labeled them, you ignored that label, I’m rubber and you’re glue.

: means the link has audio stuff, like a podcast or stream.

: means the link is a video service.

A link that is crossed out: means the link-checker couldn’t contact the site.  It may just be slow to respond, or it may have disappeared.  It notifies me of broken links daily, so I check up on them and remove them if they’re truly dead, but please feel free to try them in any case.


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Lifestyle/Home Improvement



Tabletop RPG


Twitters of Amazingness


Web Culture

Web Design