Favorite Games

Last Updated: 2018/04/22 19:09 US Central Time

I’m not a huge game player, but I do have a few that I enjoy.  Here I list my favorites, in case you, dear reader, are looking for game ideas and can’t really stand wading through the miles and miles of review sites.  I’m not going to give huge reviews, just a little blurb.  And no ratings.  My opinions change often, but kinda bleed into the blurbs.

Some of these games are available across platforms.  I’m only going to list them by the platform I got them on, and I usually don’t buy games on multiple platforms.  Oh, and I don’t like iPhone games, because few last beyond the initial “Ooh, this looks pretty, DOWNLOAD NOW!” phase, and many become a chore.


Playstation 1/2

  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night – This one changed the world.  I mean, really.  CD-quality sound, graphics that looked like each pixel was crafted carefully with a whole lotta love, and Alucard with his shimmering animations.  The right blend of RPG and Action/Platformer.  I keep my Playstation 2 operational just for this game.  I have the soundtrack just so I can enjoy the music.

Nintendo Wii/Wii U

I don’t have a Switch yet.  Really want one…

  • Metroid Prime Trilogy – Well, Metroid is one of the cornerstones of the modern gaming world.  And this is just a fun 3D transition of the old property.
  • Super Paper Mario – they gave it a visual upgrade, put 3D back in but kept the characters 2D, and there is a little more darkness, but it’s still corny and fun.

Nintendo Virtual Console

SNES/N64/GB Advance goodness, on the Wii.  I’m so glad they keep porting these old games.  I’d be a whole lot more grumpy if they didn’t.  Nintendo – you’re saving the world every time you port another old game.  You’re doing a good thing.

Computer Games


  • Diablo III – I really like the Witch Doctor, but the Enchantress shows promise as well.  I’m resisting the Reaper of Souls expansion, but that resistance is crumbling.
  • Guild Wars 2 – I don’t play as much as I used to, mostly because it took them almost a year to fix a Mac issue where frame rates dropped to single-digits after some content update.  But I miss my necro-baby.
  • Starcraft (original) – they made an update to the old, original engine so it runs on modern Macs for free-play, and they did a remaster that costs money.  This is an old addiction, so I just got the free version.  But I’m eyeballing that remaster.  I haven’t crumbled, yet.  But I feel it’s inevitable.

Apple App Store

  • Deathspank & Deathspank: the Baconing – look at that name.  I mean, really look at it.  If you don’t want it, you weren’t really looking.  Or you need more coffee.
  • Machinarium – this frustrated the heck out of me a couple of times, but it’s really a fun little story that feels like an independent film.
  • Sentinel 3: Homeward – a tower defense game with massive replayability.

GoG.com (Good Old Games)

  • Fallout & Fallout 2 – You’re fresh out of your underground bunker to discover and survive the post-nuclear nightmare.
  • FTL: Advanced Edition – you command a ship that’s fleeing enemies, collecting resources in your escape, and quite probably dying on the way.  I like to play this one while watching Star Trek reruns and drinking gin.
  • Nox – an RPG along the lines of Diablo, it’s the first I turned to after getting tired of the Blizzard-tasticness that is Diablo.  While waiting to get un-tired of Diablo, of course.
  • Torchlight – another Diablo-clone, I turned to this one while resisting the lure of Diablo III.  It worked, for a little while.  And it doesn’t have that same dark vibe.


  • Anodyne – it’s like Zelda, if Link took bad acid and was having a bit of a nightmare.  In a very fun way.
  • Bastion – it’s gorgeous, a graphic novel turned into a game.  And the narrator’s reminders to play the game and commentary about your performance…  Priceless.
  • Broken Age – a point and click adventure, it’s pretty and fun.  It’s a sweet story.
  • Deponia: The Complete Journey – a point-and-click puzzler, this is all three parts, and I just can’t get enough of the idiot main character.
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail – it’s so cute, and has a certain Metroidvania-ish-ness to it.  It feels like a web comic come to life, and the side-scrolling action feels nice.
  • Evoland – this is just such a strange RPG – you level up and upgrade the game itself.  Enough corniness to be endearing.
  • Hollow Knight – Metroidvania at a bug’s scale, with this engulfing soundtrack and absolutely beautiful backgrounds.  You can even just watch Let’s Plays of this and absorb it, but I’d recommend that you buy it to support the creators.
  • Kingdom: New Lands – the original Kingdom was amazing, but limited.  This game uses the same mechanic, and creates the hybrid that I have to be careful about playing.  You are an exiled monarch, and you use your limited cash to rebuild.  Every night, monsters come, and you use your hired archers to keep them outside the walls.  During the day, you search for resources and rebuild and expand.
  • Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) – an amazing piece of art that plays as a game, it tells you a story in the Iñupiaq tradition, with art style from their heritage mixing with a 3D style and musical score that just makes you live the tale.  Did I mention it was amazing?
  • Oxygen Not Included – Humanity has advanced to the point of using 3D printers to make clones of people, and have sent digital printers to remote regions of space.  You get to command a group of clones to start a colony elsewhere – but this printer isn’t where you expected.  So, the first batch of clones printed is deep underground, somewhere.  You have to start your colony and find out what happened.
  • RimWorld – other than having a name that makes the childish me giggle, it’s a colony sim game with strong Firefly overtones.  Even tho’ the characters are randomly generated by the game, they have a depth and complexity that spontaneously creates stories.  I keep saving and branching off new stories from previous saves – and the story never stays the same.  And I get attached to the characters.  Absolutely amazing.  I’ve succumbed to a few mods, ones that add dinosaurs, additional biomes, new tech trees, and a few quality-of-life improvements.  I have so many hours logged in this game….
  • Starbound – one of the many 2D minecraft games out there, you can go along with a storyline, or you can just build.  I do the latter.  Well, I started doing the former a little.
  • Stardew Valley – okay, this is a very cute game in the vein of Harvest Moon, with none of the pressure.  I’ve played this game through to the “end” (which doesn’t really end the game) at least nine times, and I keep going back.  Talk about longevity.  It has a mod system, but it’s a bit clunky and manual.
  • Subnautica – Your starship crashes after your captain tries a slingshot maneuver around a planet, and you have to repair your evacuation pod.  While you’re floating in a very large ocean.  Full of things that want to eat you.  While you gather the things to build the things will allow you to save yourself.  And then you notice the drive core is going critical on the mother ship.  Oh, and there’s a bacterial infection, and you appear to have gotten it.  Play with good quality headphones in the dark, and bring spare underwear.  You will learn to fear the word “Leviathan.”
  • Transistor – same as Bastion, but with an Art Deco/sci-fi virtual vibe.  Either narrator in either game is just fun.
  • Tropico 5 – Sim City meets hilarious clichéd stereotypes in and around the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean.  I’m not saying it’s Cuba, but it rhymes with “Booba.”
  • Wakfu – another cute one, it’s an MMO for those times I get tired of 3D.  I started playing after I watched the animé.