Cookies & Privacy

Revised: 2018-04-22

This page is here to explain what I store on this website about visitors.  To comply with the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, here is their site: or the Wikipedia page here.)

I store nothing but your email address and whatever name you give me with your comment you make, and that is only stored if you make a comment.  I do not collect these addresses for resale or other usage – I have them only to verify you are a real person, or to contact you if there is a problem with your comment.

This site only stores a cookie on your computer to allow your computer to find and quickly identify, visually, comments you may have made.  If I ever get it working again, it may even store color schemes you may set – I like to have a light and dark option available to readers to be easier on your eyes.  But I haven’t gotten it working for years – I keep playing with it.

If you request it, I can delete your comments and email address from this website.  I currently (April, 2018) would have to do so manually and will have no problem doing so if you request it, but I expect WordPress to come out with an option to automatically do so in the near future.

This website also ties into the Gravatar system to allow cross-internet identification of avatars.  I cannot control any information they have about you, and I haven’t seen my website harvest anything about visitors from that service and store anything other than a token/username.  Any deletion request from you would just remove your comment and that linking token/username.  If you really want to be thorough, you may need to contact them to be complete with your deletion request.

I have a few security features enabled on this website to identify attacks on the site and shut down access to those attacking it, and as such those security measures do not allow me access into their methods for protection.  They may use cookies to identify an attacker’s computer to verify they are a human or a bot, or if they are trying to gain unauthorized control of my site.  From my limited understanding, this is only a single identifier stored on your computer, and is only used to count the number of times you attempt to gain access within a given amount of time to see if you’re part of a denial of service attack.  Generally speaking, if you contact this website more often than a hundred times in a millionth of a second, it shuts off access to you and sends me a warning that I may be under attack.  Nothing else about you is stored regarding that security feature.

I have options to share things from my website to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as some other social networks – but I do not store information about how you shared anything from my site to your feeds.  I just have a mechanism that hands off a link to those services, so I do not believe that you should have any worries about that.

More information about the WordPress and Gravatar services I use can be found here:

In short, this website is about me sharing with you.  I really don’t want to steal or even use your information, and I hope this explains it.