There is something called the “Cookie Law” in the EU, which requires that website operators tell people about the cookies that are stored on their computer by that website, in interests of privacy.

At least, that’s what this owner/operator can understand about the law.  It’s been around since 2009-ish and has changed multiple times, but in the middling months of 2015 I’ve seen more and more sites I browse notify me that they use cookies.  It means nothing more than clicking an “OK” button to me, but I recently I figured that since sites like Google are getting involved, I might as well give it a go.  It’s like dressing up all important to be a big boy, or something…

There are many sites out there that explain what this “Cookie Law” means to operators, and because the laws and enforcement of them has changed over the years, it’s kinda confusing.

Let me just say that this site may put cookies on your computer, and depending on your level of interaction, the amount of information stored in those cookies can vary, but only pertains to interactivity of this website so that you can have those settings the next time you visit.

If you just browse the site, information stored will be minimal – that you visited and what date/time you visited.

If you’ve commented, additional information pertaining to your last comment may be stored, including any identifying information that you entered into the comment field.

If you’ve logged in, and you shouldn’t have because you are most likely not me, it will store imperial tons of information about you, because you’re monkeying about in the settings and posts and pages and plugins and files and folders, and you use the cookies like Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs in the forest, but you fear that this next visit into the woods may not allow the opportunity return, and you really don’t like birds anymore, so that you’ve started carrying a shotgun with birdshot everywhere you go, even the grocery, because they’re just up there waiting for the crumbs…

Where was I…?

Oh, yeah.  Cookies.  I like ginger snaps.

Dang.  Now I’m hungry.