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Usually to do with this website and things I’m trying to fix or expand, or even just discussing the generalities.

New Year, New Post

I’ve had this blog for…  Eighteen years, now?  And, over the years, this blog has caused me many headaches, requiring abrupt server moves as hosts shut down and DDOS mitigation console-marathons during botnet storms, HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL coding challenges and multiple engine migrations, data loss and learning mitigation techniques, and reviewing personal life and wider connections on a daily basis.

It’s been kinda like a kid to me.  Without diapers.  Or braces.  Or having to pay college tuition for more than myself.   Continue reading

Rebuilding This Website Is Taking Longer Than I Planned…

So, I leave this website alone for a couple of years….

Let me start again.  In the past, I wrote in this website at least once a day for six or seven years.  I’ve migrated it twice, changed engines powering it three or four times, changed the host three times, and I have backups of backups….

So why do I not have all the pages I remember having, once upon a time?

Am I really going that crazy?  Or did I just think I got to these things and never did?
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Sneaky WordPress Ninjas…

So, I’m playing around with this default theme a little, first online until I started wanting to reposition things, now with an offline copy, and it just dawned on me – it’s using HTML 5.

These posts are <article> tagged, and the menu items are <asides>

The header is actually a <header>, and the footer is a <footer>.

I want to weep.  (Note to self: get the emoticons back.)
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The Internet Has Changed, and Is Changing, and Will Keep Changing…

When I purchased this domain and arranged my first webhost, the Internet was a place of fun and play, a hobby for people as they stretched their minds.  From rather simple online games, to gathering and correlating self-published articles, to strange crackpots’ conspiracy theories, the Internet was a strange and wonderful place, akin to wandering into a back-alley coffee shop on or near any university.

Now, it’s become a marketplace.  Everyone has ads covering every spare pixel of screen space.  Some sites, you can’t tell the ads from the content, and even if you can tell the content from the ads, there are such liberal sprinklings of “endorsements” and other product placements, that the content is a secondary or tertiary concern.

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More WordPress work

Okay, all my WordPress installations are more secured than before, without obviously sacrificing functionality.  I’ve built a test site for more aggressive settings, and I’m working out the details to mock-up things before implementing.

While delving into these settings, I’ve confirmed my favorite plugins have withered on their developmental vines – the smileys, the WYSIWYG comment editor, the plugin-listings, and others.  It makes me have a sad.

I’ve found a couple of replacements, implemented two, and now I need to learn more.

So, theme work is on hold while I dive into the devil’s work.

Well, no time like the present.


Well, the second half of this week was busy…

Wednesday ended up being almost 12 hours of chasing around and waiting, Thursday was a whole lotta chasing around, too, and Friday was a whole lotta little things.  Not to mention a bit of snowfall and shoveling heavy, wet snow.

And then late last night, a botnet of hacked WordPress sites was announced.  Of course I checked security on this site (fortunately, I enforce stronger than super-strong passwords, removed the default admin username already, and have two other security detection methods in place,) and implemented a plugin to take care of the rest of the holes:  Better WP Security.

To see an official post about WordPress, click here:  Passwords and Brute Force.

So, to anyone out there paying attention to this blog anymore, I strongly urge you to check out the above links, and take action on your own WordPress site, as necessary.

And now I’m babysitting a 3TB drive defrag that has just gotten to one-third complete, re-ripping DVDs for my iTunes library, and doing laundry.

I’ll post more on the iTunes library/hard drive failure later, that really deserves a post of its own.

But for now, I have chores to do, then more website security and plugin compatibility to review and swear at.  *ahem*  I mean, implement/fix!


Implement and fix.

So, until later.


Wow, WordPress has changed a little bit…

It’s been at least two years since I really tried by hand at WordPress theming, and even more since I’ve really worried about plugins or core.  I’m really surprised by how many different things have been absorbed into core, like photos and galleries, and how different the default themes are now versus a few years ago.

Hrm…  Looks like there is going to be a learning curve, but this is going to be interesting.

Oh, and I enabled sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Yahoo…  We’ll see how much of a mistake that was as soon as I click Publish.

Ready, set…


Finally rebuilt my blog

After moving servers, improving security, then wiping the whole dang site and recreating it from scratch, it’s time to start blogging again.

And, since I found my Photoshop install disc, exercise them theming muscles again.

Although I love me my Facebook, it’s just not the same as logging in here and waxing philosophical.

So, on to it.