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Limited Blog Post Tonight

Long day – used half the can on the caliper bolts, they won’t budge.  Couldn’t find the propane torch.  The new bolt-gripper sockets couldn’t budge the bolts.  Vise grips didn’t work.  Long-handled socket wrench didn’t work.  Found a drill to try grinding a slot in the bolt to attempt a screwdriver, but the drill isn’t done charging.   Can’t find the drill bits for drilling out the bolts, which is the next step after trying the slot-thing.  Walked to the nearest Target and bought a bike so I can do grocery shopping, and I forgot I’ve not used those leg muscles in 15 years, (I’m gonna be soooo sore tomorrow,) and then biked to the grocery store to get milk….

Yeah, I’m tired.  TGIF.

Have a good weekend, readers.


I Got Lost on the Internet Yesterday…

Ever try to look up something you know you already saw online, and not find it?

You try scrolling through your bookmarks, searching with google in the most creative of ways, stepping backward through browser history, checking out your usual haunts, looking for visited links in pages you were at, everything, and you just cannot find that dang link?

I figure that’s the closest you can get to being lost on the Internet.

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Ack – Time to Post Already!

Well, got up in the wee hours of the morning today and managed to get my resume finished by about 07:00.  Got it uploaded/changed on my profiles at LinkedIn,, CareerBuilder, and a couple of other job sites.  After taking care of a few chores, I had the bright idea to post it on this website.  I mean, this is my website, shouldn’t I put myself up on here?

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It’s getting a little scary…

Long ago, when I blogged every day, I always kept myself from blogging when I had a story or post or mental-meandering with no happy ending.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I always had to leave the post with an up note, a feeling of hope, a feeling that things would work out.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I suspect it has to do with my upbringing.  “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all” or “Always help build, don’t just tear down” are prime example maxims amongst many such internal guides that race through my brain.

So, when life started taking some serious turns for the worse about ten years ago, I got lost.  I’d try to post, but I’d get dragged down by unresolved, continuing issues plaguing my life – my father’s aneurysm, ongoing unemployment, piling bills and debt, looming foreclosure…  The list just went on and on.

After a couple of slip-ups in posts, I decided that I was just too worn down by my situation and circumstances to avoid flooding my blog with negativity, so I just stopped writing.  Then, when I tried to write again, I’d feel bad about the gaps in posts, and I’d not be able to continue.

That was, perhaps, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

Not even one of the stupidest things, the stupidest thing.


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A week’s worth of cleaning

Wow, busy weekend after a busy week.  My Mom came up from Florida this past weekend to review what things were where from my Grandmother’s passing, and to check up on me.  I cleaned all week to try to make sure it was bearable for her and minimize the “Oh, Nathan!” exclamations.  (I shudder and look around for things I’ve forgotten to do, just typing that.  I can hear it in my brain…)

I re-packed boxes that were half-reviewed and rebuilt shelves in the other bedroom to hold those re-packed boxes, organized boxes into roughly similar contents and re-shelved them, cleaned the bathroom by scrubbing all surfaces, moved all recyclable cans into the garage, took all shredded paper into the garage, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

It turned out to be just bearable.  Just.  She did admirably well biting down on the stream of criticism I could see behind her eyes.

We took a drive up to Duluth to visit my Grandparents’ grave on Saturday, but the new snow made it impossible to do more than stand on the path.  And say “Hi.”

Grandparents' grave

My maternal grandparents’ grave, picture taken 20 April 2013.

After the visit, we went to a family friend’s place, where my Grandma’s furniture is being stored.  A desk, three tables, some drawers, and a chair.  It’s less than either of us remembered.

We then drove around town and took pictures of the places we used to live.

My childhood home.

My childhood home.  It’s smaller than I remembered.


Maternal Grandparents' house

My maternal grandparents’ house – it’s also smaller than I remembered.  Well, last time I was inside, I think I was about 3′ tall.

I can tell I’m getting older, I can’t make the drive in one straight go anymore.  I needed to get out and stretch in Hinckley.

Saturday ended with a little more cleaning, to make going through Grandma’s boxes easier.

Sunday we went through each and every item in those boxes, threw away things that were of no sentimental, historical, or monetary value, and re-packed them to await the trip back south with her and her fiancé in June.  Ended up with one less box she’ll have to move.  And I have one large garbage bag to take out.  But, I found a number of photos to scan, for the archives.

Today, my Mom is on a plane back to Florida, where she will, no doubt, be glad to get away from the snows of Minnesota.

And I feel a sinus infection coming on.

Oh, and something like seven or eight feet of snow forecast tonight.

At least the snowblower has gas in it.

I think I’ll spend the evening reviewing my newly recovered iTunes library for any missing items, and importing my DVDs.

Have fun, readers.  I’m going to try.