About my recipes

I’ve been interested in cooking for years, starting in high-school with a home economics class, and later after college when I realized I had been eating pre-packaged un-seasoned crap for altogether too long.

Since then, I’ve graduated from just trying recipes I found online to mixing and matching recipes online, and now I’m moving into creating things whole-cloth as much as possible.  I will still look up comparable recipes for guidance and direction, but I do not just use other’s recipes.

Once I started thinking of flavors like primary colors, and by mixing flavors you get new flavors in much the same way as red plus blue equals violet.

So, as I work out new things in my kitchen, I will post those recipes here under the Recipes menu, above.  It may be slow-going, but cooking is an art as well as a science.

Art and science for your mouth.

I also use this site on my phone in the kitchen, so I really like having my recipe book online, here, in a way that would be available everywhere.  You, dear reader, having access is just an added bonus.

Please, enjoy, and feel free to print them out and/or comment with your ideas.