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Hi!  My name is Nate, also known as N8, or N8ey.

I’ve run this website since 1998, and put it through many wringers over the years.  It started as a place to learn HTML and CSS with hand-coded files, later it moved to SimplePHPBlog.  Once a few security holes appeared, I decided to start experimenting with full-on database driven CMSes.  I tried Drupal but it turned out to be WAAAAAAAY too much, and Joomla (same deal), and eventually settled on WordPress.

Oh, wait, this is an About Me page, not an About Website page…  Once of these days I’ll be able to separate myself from my work.  Perhaps.

I’m a thirty-something technologist and enthusiast, almost entirely self-taught, and general smarty-pants.  I’ve worked in Help Desks and transitional Service Desks, doing Incident Management, Knowledge Management, and supported companies as they overhauled their backbones and core technologies.

Later I became a junior admin for a translation company, administering their document management system, creating and expanding workflows and automated document handling.

So, you may find quite a bit of technological posts here.  I’d say sorry about that, but I’m really not. If you don’t like it, please go someplace else.

I also have an artistic bend, and occasionally I experiment with Photoshop to create new themes.  I hope you enjoy them, or (at the very least) they don’t cause cranial bleeding.

Well, that should be enough About Me for now.  I’ll probably fill in gaps as time passes.

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