It’s Really Hard to Blog with Social Media Getting in the Way.

I keep having false restarts into blogging.  I thought it was because I was going through rough patches, and didn’t like sounding like a whiney child.  But things have slowly gotten back to normal, and I just wasn’t able to blog.

Then it struck me.  I’ve been using Twitter and Facebook for putting things out there.

Draining the very ideas I previously used to percolate on the drive home from work to create blog entries.

It just became too easy.  Just a simple click/tap, type in something pithy, and submit.

But as some of the controversy has surfaced this past year over how Facebook uses our data, and Twitter enables such meaningless hatred, I’ve started scaling back on my usage of those services.  I’ve started working to just be positive on those services, with limited success.

And then I remembered this place.  I’ve always updated everything to maintain security and prevent this place from becoming another place that bots use to control their DDOS attacks.  Slowly, over time, I’ve started tinkering with it in the background. Playing with recipes.  Updating link lists.  Enabling webcomics in the off-chance I can rediscover my ability to draw and write stories on a continuing basis.

I keep getting discouraged by Events, and I really shouldn’t let those Events discourage me, but it happens.

And each time it happens, I try to unravel why and to kill it.  But it takes time.

So, I’ll continue working on things in the background, working on the things that keep discouraging me, trying to build a mountain out of grains of sand.

Many of these blog posts will probably be spurred by Facebook posts, or streams, or Twitter rants.  This is the nature of the newest incarnation of the digital world.

And it gives me a chance to repair myself, slowly.

I think that’s a win-win.

As a byproduct of being radio silent on this website for so long, the attacks against it from the various Internet cafes and distributed bot-nets has really died down.  I mean, I had to block off all of South Korea and parts of the Arabian Peninsula for a few months a couple of years back.  I haven’t had to block anyone for a while.

(Watch that take a header into the trash pile now that I’ve mentioned something.)

Thanks for reading, people.  Have yourself some fun, hey?


One thought on “It’s Really Hard to Blog with Social Media Getting in the Way.

  1. I gave up FB a few years ago, and never really got into Twitter, but the fact that I think most people don’t even use RSS anymore (coupled with the fact that life keeps me too busy to organize my thoughts coherently) has kept me from blogging for years now.

    Always glad to see a post from you, though. How’s things?

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