On Cold Weather and Weekend Bingeing

The chill that has descended upon us as the polar vortex disintegrates and releases the polar frigidity has made streaming my go-to for weekend survival.

While keeping toasty, I’ve noticed some of the streaming services are buffering more.  Usually at the initial loading for the video, very rarely in the middle.

This past weekend isn’t the first I’ve noticed, in the beginning I noticed it on one video of four or five, and mostly on Twitch.tv, but last weekend it seemed to ratchet up a bit, up to every other video on most services, and twice it interrupted playback entirely.  

I took a long weekend last weekend, so beyond the three days many people had off, I had Tuesday – a fourth day off.  Now, everyone went back to work, so the speed should be back, shouldn’t it?

Nope, Tuesday midday had the same buffering and slowdowns.  And it seemed to be more service-blind.  Amazon Prime was affected as well as Twitch.  Netflix was back in the 2010 era.  YouTube?  Yeah.  I thought I was on dial-up for some videos.

I rebooted all equipment this weekend just as I have before, and it kinda got better.  Kinda.  But my mac mini is aging and my MacLappy is unavailable as it is an inhabitant of the lappy graveyard, and watching video on my phone is an exercise on how long I can stand that itty-bitty screen before gnawing my arm off.

I didn’t really connect the dots until today, as I started mentally preparing the grocery list and figuring out necessities for this coming weekend, that I remembered Net Neutrality was ended in December.

But why would it start creeping up on me like this?  If the big ISP on the block wanted to implement traffic throttling, wouldn’t it just start throttling?

They should have all the equipment in place to shape that traffic until the cows come home.  They throttled me a couple of times when I missed my payment date last year, and (literally) the minute I paid and received the confirmation that my payment processed, everything went back to my expected speed.

So, this weekend, I plan on paying closer attention to this.  I need to find some tracking services, or see if I can set up a keep-alive with this service to my home computer using different ports to simulate streaming traffic.

Perhaps it was just the fact that holiday internet traffic had increased, so there were fewer spaces for ones and zeroes in the tunes for me.

Or maybe they’re going to slowly ramp up the throttling to make it normal before unleashing tiered Internet packages.

Or maybe the supermoon ate my datas.

Not sure.  Need more data about the datas.

We can’t catch them at being bastards if we aren’t paying attention.

Short post.  Trying to get back into the habit.  Thank you for your patience.  Free mints are available in the tray, back over there, to show my gratitude.  No, other side.  There ya go.