Sneaky WordPress Ninjas…

So, I’m playing around with this default theme a little, first online until I started wanting to reposition things, now with an offline copy, and it just dawned on me – it’s using HTML 5.

These posts are <article> tagged, and the menu items are <asides>

The header is actually a <header>, and the footer is a <footer>.

I want to weep.  (Note to self: get the emoticons back.)

Tears of happiness that the semantic web is another step closer, and tears of frustration and pain for all the time I spent trying to make a theme that could do this and not be a craptastic mess of <!-- [if IE #]> conditionals and included scripts…

There are still a mess load of <divs> sprinkled liberally, but it’s less of a mishmash of content-control and pseudo-table-alignment and more setting alternate cascades for classes.

So, please forgive me if you’re clicking along and suddenly all the fonts change or the coloration changes or things briefly become a disorganized mess.  It’s just me being a fool, changing live code.  I do it because I could be cautious, but that takes time and dampens my enthusiasm.

And taking apart a theme to play with HTML and CSS and PHP is like taking apart a watch to see how the gears work and the ticking turns into timekeeping.

I just hope I manage to get everything back together in the same basic shape that it was in before.  Maybe prettier, but the same basic shape.