Rebuilding This Website Is Taking Longer Than I Planned…

So, I leave this website alone for a couple of years….

Let me start again.  In the past, I wrote in this website at least once a day for six or seven years.  I’ve migrated it twice, changed engines powering it three or four times, changed the host three times, and I have backups of backups….

So why do I not have all the pages I remember having, once upon a time?

Am I really going that crazy?  Or did I just think I got to these things and never did?

So, I checked out my overall site stats, and I only have about 30 posts and 2 pages.

What the heck?  I could’ve sworn I had more.

And then I thought about that carefully, running what I’ve written above back through my mind, and I realized that each software engine I’ve used didn’t migrate content.  And I found some of those backups, with notes on how to import those things in.

But I don’t have all the backups.  In addition to moving websites, I’ve moved to three new physical habitations between then and now.  I have a pile of burned CDs and DVDs…  Somewhere.

Considering the mess my digital life is in right now, I decided to recreate many of the pages I thought should be here, not only to fill out this site a little more, but also so I can get a clearer idea of the structure before truly diving into the style sheets and source and mucking it all up or missing things, and I have a chance to create things better than memory tells me they were.

So, the menu across the top will be changing and shifting as I go through mental taxonomies and rearrange content.

Then I will begin hunting down backups and exporting the information.

Then I will figure out how to import all those old entries in a way that WordPress will understand, properly back-dated and with notifications turned off so no one gets a flood of “new post” notifications that aren’t new at all.

All while tinkering with the theme of this website to get it less bright and shiny, and maybe even recover the ability for readers to set color schemes that I had around the turn of the millennium.

Between 2013 and now, WordPress themes have gotten much cleaner and more structured, so now I don’t have to wildly hunt through 35 screens of style declarations to find the properly nested item to change, as well as 12 PHP files used to structure content, thus dictating the cascading nature of these style declarations….

Jeeze, but hobbies seem to be able to swallow up time.  Why do we do them?

Oh, yeah, relaxation.

And to think I’ve been pondering the idea of starting a web comic here.  Why do I hate myself, so?

Well, thanks for reading.  I’ll probably have more tomorrow.  (Note to self: don’t go to work tomorrow.  It’s a holiday, and no one will be there if you do.)