I would’ve posted something yesterday, but all interesting thoughts were driven out of my head by the accidental discovery of a workable way to play my existing PlayStation 1 games on my Mac.

I’ve been working on this for about ten years now, ever since my original Playstation started overheating or refusing to play some discs.  I started looking for ways to play on a computer, but insane anti-piracy measures kept me from getting anywhere.

So, the games went into a box and they sat in the back of the closet, until I got a PlayStation 2.

Time passes and the PlayStation 2 started having a few hiccups here and there, I started searching again, and things had changed, but the anti-piracy crap hadn’t gotten any better, if anything it had gotten worse.

So, I gave up.

And yesterday, many, many, many, many moons later, a friend was describing how he’s gotten a dodgy optical drive in his Playstation 3 (Slim) working by reconnecting connections and cleaning it out, and I just tried a random search.

And the instructions I found worked.  They’re very similar to instructions I found before, but they worked.

Well, last time I seriously looked my Mac laptop wasn’t Intel and my other laptop was a Dell Inspiron, so it’s been a few major revisions to hardware and operating systems.

And, well, since I got that working, I’ve been ripping like a madman.

I think I may just put my PlayStations on a shelf with some sort of display, like the fallen heroes they are.  They can both play the games, but not very well.  At least I can play the games, now.

For those curious – it’s a remarkably simple solution, if you’re on a Mac, but previous attempts to use this method failed, so I never thought to try again.  Using Terminal, command is:

dd if=/dev/disk# of=/Volumes/<Drive>/ISOs/PS1/<Game>.iso

Where “disk#” is the optical drive the disc was inserted into, as indicated in diskutil list or in Disk Utility, <Drive> is the drive, and <Game> is the name you’d like to give the iso file.  (It doesn’t seem to matter if you match the name that the disc has, or it hasn’t mattered yet.)

Oh, don’t forget to unmount the disc, or dd will probably complain that the device is busy. (It doesn’t complain all the time – some discs do not seem to arouse Mac OS’s innate curiosity/need to index everything under the sun.)

Well, I’d love to write more, but I’m just about done ripping.  Then I guess I’ll just have to play a game.  You know, to test.  And all.




2 thoughts on “GAMEZ!

  1. I’m glad you found a way to play those old games, but be careful posting about it. You’re probably in violation of the DMCA 😛

    Seriously, it’s amazing to me that they keep pushing that DRM crap. A year ago or so, I bought my first Blu-Ray, and immediately regretted it.

    Says it all:

  2. There’s a sizable anti-DRM movement out there, I can think of immediately, but there are other retailers.

    I don’t think I’m going to run afoul of the evil DCMA overlords…  I tried just using the games directly but they buffer and stutter and crap out.

    About Blue-Rays – I bought a player just to have one in case some day I find one on the street, or rolled up in a bottle, or something.  I think I’ve opened the tray once, and that was to make sure it opened.  Poor little guy, I’ll bet he feels all lonely…

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