Working On The Car, Kinda Wish I’d Bought a Bicycle…

After all I’ve had to do on that car, from front brakes (pads and rotors) to fuel filter to fuel pressure regulator to (now) rear brakes (pads and rotors), I kinda wish I had…

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Where was I…?

Oh, I kinda wish I had bought a bicycle.  For all the money I’ve spent on the car, and how much more I know I’m going to have to spend on it, I am kinda wishing I had bought a bicycle.

But life today requires a car.  Example: since discovering the trouble, I’ve updated the recruiters I’m working with, to inform them I need public transportation options for any jobs they may find.

You’d think I had spouted a third head and started singing opera!  Even after I explain I’ve had three instances in the past year where I’ve had car trouble, and I really don’t want to get a job and be unreliable.

Today, I finally got the cash to buy the rotors and pads, as well as caliper grease, caliper/brake kit, and brake cleaner, so I got a ride from a friend to the parts store that had everything in stock.  I had already done my homework, online, and the parts purchased appeared to match the parts I researched, so all was good, so far.

Well, the friend that gave me the ride decided to help.  He meant well, really.  So, he looked at the two bolts mounting the caliper over the rotor were stuck on hard, so I was going to spray them and let them sit overnight.

He started cranking on them immediately.  When the 14mm didn’t work on the manual ratchet, he grabbed the impact wrench…

I got that uneasy feeling that hindsight has taught me to trust, but I let him at it.

He then asked for a 9/16 socket.  I should’ve stopped there, but I grabbed one and handed it to him, and he went at it, and proceeded to strip those bolts.

I thanked him for his help and all but carried him back to his car.  I stayed near the car until I heard it drive down the road into the distance.

So, I checked out the bolts – “stripping” is a little too subtle to describe what happened.  There’s absolutely no grip.  The sockets slide smoothly over them.

Back to another parts store, closer, to purchase a set of damaged-bolt-removing sockets and a can of honest-to-goodness P’Blaster, not the knock-off I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

Now, I’ve sprayed them down, I’m going to let them sit overnight, and I’ll try again tomorrow.

I’m already researching how to drill out the bolts if the new sockets don’t do the trick.

Given what I’ve already spent, I kinda wish I had spent it on a bicycle.  I’d be ahead, at this point.

Have fun, readers.  I’m going back to Unca Google and Cousin YouTube.