What a Week…

Wow.  My brain hurts, and I’m tired.  Since my blog-post-a-day suffered during this busy period, here’s a N8-brand recap.

Wednesday – I had an interview in downtown Minneapolis.  I think it went well, but I’m not sure.  It was a second interview, but I’ve been on second interviews before, and they seemingly went well.

I’m just running out of time.

So, I worried that I wasn’t going to wake on time, then worrying and preparing for the interview, then busing out to the interview, then participating in said interview, then worrying about how the interview went while wandering downtown Minneapolis, then busing back.  Oh, yeah, and worrying while at home.

Thursday was final decision day for the car.  I priced out everything again, using the most expensive options out there, as well as my worst fears for future repairs.  I then re-priced by junkyard prices, and it’s still too much.  I can’t afford to repair the car on unemployment, nor can I wait until I have a paycheck.  If I let the car sit longer, it’ll need more work later, as I can’t properly prepare it for a long sit (possibly a month or two), and the city is notorious for delivering “abandoned vehicle” notices, with about two weeks of time before you need to comply, or ELSE.

Ooh, comma-fest.

Anyway, on Friday I met with a couple of people to talk about selling it, and a tinkerer seemed very interested – whether for parts or to fix and drive/sell.  I even told him about the problematic tire, the work already done, and the anticipated work left to do – and he was still interested.  I s’pose the fact that it still runs is a good thing.

All I need to sell it is the title – which isn’t where I thought it was.

The rest of Friday and yesterday were spent going through filing cabinets, boxes, and other paper collections, as well as the glove box and trunk and garage.  No luck.

So now I’m making sure my checkbook is balanced before I find out how much it would cost to get it reissued.  And how long.  And trying to budget for a bus pass.  And figuring out how to do grocery shopping effectively on my bicycle.  And…

Maybe I’ll work a little on a new theme for this site…  It’s all good to try to fix the world, but my brain is applesauce.

Or not.  That’s a whole other level of brain bending.  Speaking of bending, maybe I’ll just watch Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Oh, wait, my iTunes library is still screwed up, and I’d have to repair file locations.

Maybe I’ll just sit and stare at a wall.

I could always go and mow the lawn.

Have fun, readers.