Taking a Break from Car Work…

Round, um…  SIX!  Yes, six.

Round 6 and the bolts are still winning.  But like some pathetic scrawny wanna-be hero in some independent boxing film, I just keep getting back up and trying again.

I didn’t post yesterday because I had an overwhelming desire to read words, not compose them.

So, recap:  I tried the pencil-thin propane torch yesterday, heating for 30 second increments and banging on it with the BFH, but I couldn’t quite get it glowing red.  Since I’m inside the wheel well, I didn’t want to push my luck after a couple of repeat heatings1, so I tried from there and the top bolt head broke off.  The bottom bolt stayed stuck, and after losing one bolt head, I didn’t try too much harder.  I just reapplied heat and then doused both bolts in cold water a couple of times, then let it sit overnight.

Today, I went out and got some left-handed bolt-extractor drill bits.

I reapplied heat, doused them, and let them sit for a little while.  Maybe thermal expansion will be my friend, or at least helpful acquaintance, and loosen up some of the rust and gunk grimed on up in there…?

Not yet.  I can’t get the extractor bits to bite into the bolt.  I tried pre-drilling a smaller hole, and those bolts are made of adamantine or something.  I managed to get a starter, but the bolt-extractor bits still aren’t biting.

I was able to cut a slot into the head of the lower bolt, at this point just to see if I could get that done, but (of course,) that lower bolt is showing the stationary stubbornness of a child in the grocery store cereal aisle, after having been denied his Supah Choco Sugared Crack Puffs.

So, while the drills (yes, plural,) recharge, I’m taking a break to research Google’s web fonts and how I can use them to change this default theme.

I’ve narrowed my search down to eight fonts, and based on font file size and conservative estimations, as well as some testing, I should narrow that down to two or three.  I just can’t decide.

But this rounded-font bright-and-cheerful theme, while masterfully pieced together by a practiced and skilled eye firmly focused on usability and delightfully retro-modern style pushed with well-written and commented code, it just ain’t my cup of tea.

Well, since the drills will take at least another hour to charge, I’ve got some time.

Have fun, readers.  I’m going to go back to web fonts, theme files, and CSS goodness.


  1. Well, heat next to brake lines and other hoses makes me a little cautious…  I mean, after all, Murphy has been smacking me around with a persistence envied by evil dictators and schoolyard bullies since this project began.  Back on up there.

Addendum/P.S.:  18:18 U.S. Central — I finally got a drill bit into the bolt pretty good, and I got the bolt extractor wedged in there as per instructions.  When I worked it, the extractor snapped and I bopped myself pretty good.  No blood, but I’m done working on it tonight.  Probably tomorrow, too.  I think I’ll be cost/benefits analyzing whether or not it’s worth keeping it, now.