Repairing a MacBook Pro, 2010

It boots to the dreaded “?” icon flashing in the center of the grey screen.  So, I booted to the boot selection screen, and it only showed options for a network boot and the optical drive.  I booted from the installation DVD, and Startup Disk couldn’t find the Hard Drive at all.  Disk Utility could, and the partition tables and filesystem check out fine.  So, I nuked the partition table, rebooted, and checked to make sure it was gone.  Now I’m repartitioning and zeroing the drive.

So far, it resembles the disk failure on my laptop, except the fact that my drive didn’t completely fail by the time I started repairing.  So, this time I’m prepared to give up if this attempt fails.  I even prepped the owner for the bad news.  He didn’t seem too upset.  He seemed rather relieved.

But, it’s beginning to make me wonder if the latest laptop drives in Macs aren’t a little less than stellar.  My previous MacBook drive still works, and it’s an old PPC model Titanium.  But a Google Search for “macbook pro 2010 flashing folder on boot” results in many forum postings, starting in 2007 and really ramping up after 2010.

My replacement drive is still running without trouble, by the way.

Makes me real hesitant to buy a new MacBook anytime soon.  Or, if I do, to immediately buy a replacement hard drive, external adapter, and clone it over minutes after unpackaging.

I’d probably have to sell more than a kidney for that.

Job postings from today sucked.  Since my requirements changed to “public transportation == true”, there’s nothing.  Even without doing bus or train, the listings are pretty damned depressing.

If it’s not out of my league (Application Developer III for IBM WebSphere Integration, or Oracle/MSSQL Database Administrator IV, or T3 Cable Technician IX…), it’s out of my range.  I’m just not going to do 4 hour one-way bus rides.

So, I guess I’ll have to consider being a Walmart greeter.  What a treat for Walmart customers, eh?

“Here’s your cart, get going.  Go on.  You want me to hold your hand?”

I’d get an e-cigarette, just to puff on it as I shooed off the customers.

Yeah, maybe not Walmart greeter.

Have fun, readers.