Limited Blog Post Tonight

Long day – used half the can on the caliper bolts, they won’t budge.  Couldn’t find the propane torch.  The new bolt-gripper sockets couldn’t budge the bolts.  Vise grips didn’t work.  Long-handled socket wrench didn’t work.  Found a drill to try grinding a slot in the bolt to attempt a screwdriver, but the drill isn’t done charging.   Can’t find the drill bits for drilling out the bolts, which is the next step after trying the slot-thing.  Walked to the nearest Target and bought a bike so I can do grocery shopping, and I forgot I’ve not used those leg muscles in 15 years, (I’m gonna be soooo sore tomorrow,) and then biked to the grocery store to get milk….

Yeah, I’m tired.  TGIF.

Have a good weekend, readers.


4 thoughts on “Limited Blog Post Tonight

  1. Thanks, Ick.  I’ve got between three and five.  One works very well, and it didn’t help.  It felt bad about it, too.

  2. Yes…  I have three that I have reachable, and possibly two more buried on shelves behind some crap I’m storing.  I know the one works, so I’m leaving the others where they are.

    I meant it, and wasn’t exaggerating, when I said that my family is full of mad scientists and mechanics.

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