Just When I Was Gonna Give Up…

The bolt-extractor bit snapping in the bolt pretty much made up my mind, and bopping myself in the forehead when it snapped cemented it, I should give up on this repair.  The hardened bit won’t be drilled through, and various online and offline discussions pointed out that this would be a difficult job from here on out.

I was already researching how to get rid of the car, when a friend pointed out that we could try cutting off the caliper bracket and bolts, to give us access to drill out the bolts.

So, I’ve been looking up caliper bracket mounts and kits, and the new-part prices range from ~$12 (for just the bracket) to ~$60 (for the caliper and mounting bracket.)

Ah, another ray of hope.  A small shaft of sunlight peeking through dark storm clouds of nickel-and-dimery.

But, it’s a gamble.  If I replace this part, what of the other side?  How about the fuel pump, which I still suspect is slowly dying?  And how could replacing this part fail?  I can just see nightmare scenarios of ruining the rear brake lines, rear axle assemblies, shocks…

And before anyone thinks I’m being a bit paranoid/defeatist — this started as a simple rotor/pad replacement.

I’m a little torn between wanting to fix this, and wanting it off my mind.

To fix it will cost money and time, but may give me back motorized transportation.  To release this into the wild will allow me to return the parts I bought and get back most of the money spent so far.

I think this difficulty will require some pizza rolls, and anime, to help jump-start the mulling and consideration.

Have fun, readers.


5 thoughts on “Just When I Was Gonna Give Up…

  1. Suck. If you decide to bail on it… we just got rid of J’s car through Rusty’s Auto Salvage. His was a rusted out POS 15 year old car that had a completely dead engine, most of the parts that did  “work” were so rusted they couldn’t be removed, and I’m pretty sure a dog ate his way out oft the inside. I filled out their online form and they called the next day and said they’d give us $150 for it. They towed for free the next day. It was good to just be done w it so quickly.And now I realize this totally sounds like an Autobot ad… hmm… how to make this sound more like a real person… best movie ever: Josey Wales. Best Batman: Adam West. Does that help?

  2. Heh – I can see your e-mail address when you comment, so I have a clue.

    The only thing that keeps me from committing to disposal is – the car runs.  It just has one dead rear brake, and possibly a whole mess of work to fix it.
    So…  I s’pose I could get more than $150 for it…
    Need more pizza rolls.
  3. Joke’s on you! I used my never checked, junk, spam, sign up for crap email! Although it does have my real old name in it.

    have you considered tech from home? One of our ex-coworkers has had some success with that and she lives pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Worst case you could go work for the squad. They give you a vw to travel in when needed…

  4. Well, I have $2300 worth of brake repair that needs to be done on the Porsche.  Needless to say, I will not be putting $2300 into a car that is not worth it to me.  And I sure as hell won’t be working on it myself!  So I will be selling another sports car from my collection.  Great car, needs complete brake job. Somewhat sad today, I’ve owned and driven that car for 21 years, but there comes a time to let go. c’est la vie.

  5. That makes me sad, Auntie…  Farewell, dear porsche – you will be missed from the Funny Farm’s Herd.  I hope you get sent to pasture and have many porschelets.

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