Busy Work is the Order of the Day…

Well, in light of my woes and whiney-pants posts lately, I decided to do clean-up and run a couple of errands today.  And, while you may never forget how to ride a bicycle, you certainly forget how much it hurts during, as well as afterwards.

I finally extended my budget through the end of the month, and while some numbers don’t match up quite right, it’s just about done.  I really should extend it through the end of the year, but things are so dicey, why bother?

While extending my budget, I rebalanced my balance book – I’m still one penny less than my bank statement.  This same penny has been haunting me for two months, so I only chased it for about a half-hour before leaving it to its business.

I also did some repair-work on my iTunes library, so (hopefully) Avatar: the Last Airbender is now watchable.  I still have to find a way to automate it – double-clicking the title, clicking “Locate”, clicking and scrolling in the Find File dialogue box, then clicking “OK” just screams for some sort of automation.  What kind of automation, I don’t know, but I’m thinking about duplicating the XML library file and trying some Search/Replace magic.  (Mac OS X – Unix is under the hood.)

I spent some time researching title replacements online, then called the DMV to figure out what some of the fields on the form mean.  This hold time was only twenty minutes, but the music sounded like some quaalude-driven Hawaiian nightmare muzak, so it felt much longer.  The human I got to talk to was fast, efficient, friendly, and helpful, so I’m rather inclined to forgive them the muzak.  Unfortunately, the turn-around is about two weeks by mail, one-and-a-half in person.  So, I found me some stamps and envelopes.

Then, I rode my bike out to the bank and post office and received a very thorough reminder that: a) hills do exist in my town, and 2) the definition of the term “hill” is subjective, and relates pretty directly to how tired your legs are.  I wasn’t quite rubber-legged by the time I got home, but I was a little wobbly.

I think I’ll get back to tracking down that penny.  Copper-headed child of mayhem and dissonance, I shall find you to make you answer for your crimes!  This I vow before the Internet and the blinking cursor.

Have fun, readers.