Another Cheerful Post

Yeah, life is just peachy keen and dandy.  Thrilling, even.

Before I get into it, here are some pics of cats:

Psykhitty On Guard

Guardin’ the porch, oh yeah – it’s all secure!

Ooh, Camera!

Maddy investigating an invading camera for hostile intentions.

That camera is still here...

Maddy watches me move around the house, and knocks down some things in the window.

Guarding the porch is hard work.

Psykhitty takes a nap after some hard guarding of teh entranzez!

Another nap.

Psykhitty feels she isn’t finding as many good sleeping spots as she deserves to find.

Yeah, so now that there are warm-fuzzies, the news.  The interview from last week fell through.  They found someone else.

It happens, but it’s still really discouraging.  I mean, I get one response for every ten applications put out there, and one in five of those results in an interview.  And of those first interviews, I get a second interview in one of twenty.

There may be jobs out there, but I just can’t get them.  I have a whole pile of recruiters, I’m applying on my own, I’m writing cover letters individually for each job I’m applying for.

I don’t know what else to do.

Hopefully I get the replacement title for the car soon, by initial estimate I should get it two weeks from Monday.

That’s about when my unemployment runs out, however.

On a brighter side, I’ve figured out where the fonts are in this default theme, as you may have noticed already.  I’ve still got to work out the colors and locations, but it’s a matter of time.

So, I’m gonna go stare at the kittens for a while.

Have fun, readers.


4 thoughts on “Another Cheerful Post

  1. Not sure what kind of job you’re looking for, but there are always a lot of tech jobs at UnitedHealth. I’d add a recommendation if you applied for something, which would probably help you get a response.

  2. I applied for a Service Desk job at United Health – and got to second interview.  But the directions I got from Google Maps were bad.  (It kept directing me back onto the freeway.)

    If I had read the directions very carefully instead of skimming them, I might’ve had better luck.

    So, I went to a place to get correct directions printed from Mapquest.  By the time I got back, they decided I wasn’t a good choice.
    At least I got to submit a correction to the directions to Google Maps, and the correction was accepted…  That’s some kind of silver lining.
  3. Well, if you hit them up again, include me as a reference, and notify me so I can bug the recruiter. I’d give you the most glowing recommendation I possibly could.

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