I Got Lost on the Internet Yesterday…

Ever try to look up something you know you already saw online, and not find it?

You try scrolling through your bookmarks, searching with google in the most creative of ways, stepping backward through browser history, checking out your usual haunts, looking for visited links in pages you were at, everything, and you just cannot find that dang link?

I figure that’s the closest you can get to being lost on the Internet.

I know that I read an article detailing how to set brush options in Photoshop CS to create a randomized splatter that can be used to paint forests or rust on a metallic surface.  I know I read this on a certain domain name, on a forum, but can I find the bedazzled article?  OF COURSE NOT!

I checked every link in my history, changed CSS to always color visited links purple and unvisited links blue and hunted through my favorite haunts – all of the things outlined above.  Still can’t find it.

I spent four hours looking for that dang page, always feeling like I was almost there, always missing.

After job-hunting today and reviewing tech news, I really don’t have the energy to try searching for that dang tutorial.  I think I’m just gonna hafta create a folder for those articles and print them to PDF.

A waste of time last night, really.

Anyone have any hints on how to find those lost Internet pages?

I’m gonna go pout.