Heh, “MAKE A BLOG POST!” Alarm Went Off…

So, keeping true to my promise, I’m posting.

Re-working my resume started out as a difficult task.  Then I stopped, ate some tater tots, and read my resume.  And I realized it’s disjointed and confused and, if I were the one hiring, worthy of the circular.

I forgot that I’ve been on the other side of the interviewing table, and I did at least fifteen interviews for jobs I eventually hired for.

I think I was trying too hard to follow every one of those stupid, insipid advice postings from every job site, re-employment class and seminar, blog post and news site article out there.

So, I placed myself in the role of hiring manager for my dream job and mentally wrote up a posting for said dream job.  Then, in my new hiring role, I re-read my resume.  Then, I side-by-side wrote up my resume to answer my concerns as hiring manager.

I ended up keeping most of it, but breaking out sections by title, lumping sections by commonality, and massaging the usability by talking points and useful metrics.

I got most of it done, but it still needs some work.  But it’s better than before.  Now, after this quick break to post this, I’m back to it.  Well, maybe after a shower.

I’m tired of being unemployed.  I’m tired of listening to other people’s “must-do” advice.  I’m tired of people telling me what’s important and what’s not, when their jobs are (seemingly) to tell unemployed people how to get a job.

Seems to me they’re just barely a step above being unemployed themselves.  They can keep their advice.  I’m going to focus on proving that I’m not only useful; I am necessary.  They just don’t know it yet.


2 thoughts on “Heh, “MAKE A BLOG POST!” Alarm Went Off…

  1. I meant to comment on your last blog post… I like the way you write. I hope you keep it up!

  2. I was going to comment here, but if you can’t say something nice . . . Seriously though, resumes always suck. I’ve been trying to redo mine, and haven’t been having a lot of luck, but I’m trying to think in terms of what I’d want to read on a resume, because they’re usually useless. 

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