Ack – Time to Post Already!

Well, got up in the wee hours of the morning today and managed to get my resume finished by about 07:00.  Got it uploaded/changed on my profiles at LinkedIn,, CareerBuilder, and a couple of other job sites.  After taking care of a few chores, I had the bright idea to post it on this website.  I mean, this is my website, shouldn’t I put myself up on here?

Let me tell you – lots of people have thought to make Plugins to handle resumes.  1000+ can handle document uploads, 322 specifically for .doc files, 67 can handle word .doc file uploads or display, and 20 plugins have the word “resume” prominent in the title or the first sentence of the description….

It’s too bad that people have these ideas, and then execute those ideas in such…  Incomprehensible ways.

Of the couple of resume-specific plugins I’ve tried so far have been over-complicated and given very few warm fuzzies in return, much less usable resumes.  One may have done things to my database that could be considered illegal, or at least immoral, in some counties and/or localities.  I’ll probably do some clean-up this weekend.

But, and maybe I’m wrong here, if it takes more than three screens to enter my resume into my own site, perhaps it’s not the right plugin.  I mean, most job sites only take one screen, possibly two if I’m uploaded a .doc file, to enter my resume.

So, yeah.  Back to the combing through the plugins.

Sorry it’s not much.  Have a good one, readers.