More WordPress work

Okay, all my WordPress installations are more secured than before, without obviously sacrificing functionality.  I’ve built a test site for more aggressive settings, and I’m working out the details to mock-up things before implementing.

While delving into these settings, I’ve confirmed my favorite plugins have withered on their developmental vines – the smileys, the WYSIWYG comment editor, the plugin-listings, and others.  It makes me have a sad.

I’ve found a couple of replacements, implemented two, and now I need to learn more.

So, theme work is on hold while I dive into the devil’s work.

Well, no time like the present.


3 thoughts on “More WordPress work

  1. I got mine set up pretty quick with what I needed. The problem is that the server updates aren’t coming from the provider so I’m slipping backward a bit. Now I hope to cut back on the spam with a utility or two. *fingers crossed*

  2. I’m just going to keep coming here to comment. I like commenting on blogs instead of Facebook. It’s nicely nostalgic, and, well, it’s not Facebook.

  3. @Rich – read the plugins carefully – there have been some changes under the hood that have made some plugins not work so well.

    @Ickster – yeah, Facebook feels like it’s just for quips and witticisms, not for any kind of thoughtful cranial-diarrhea that I’ve engaged, in years past.  It’s all TL;DR and LOLWUT? and K1773h P1churz!

    Which makes me wonder…  Can I finally import all those old posts I have stored away somewhere…?  Should I even?  O_o

    Well, back to work adding a smiley drop-down to comments.

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