Completely forgot about the blog…

Guess it’ll take a little work to get back into blogging, but I swear my reasons are good.

I got a call from my Ma on Monday reminding me she’s coming to Minnesota, to handle some stuff of Grandma’s and visit her grave.  I asked her when, and at the pause I realized I had probably better look at the calendar.  Sure enough, as I brought it up, she told me it was Friday.

So…  I’ve been cleaning like a mad little monkey hopped up on caffeine, as I thought (for no good reason that I can figure) that I had another couple of weeks.

The good news – I got all the recycling done, (15 big garbage bags of soda cans and 4 bags of cardboard), got the majority of the to-be-sorted stuff into the spare room, and most of the first floor cleaned.

The neutral news – I have two more shelves in the basement to review, but Friday is coming sooner than later, so they can just stay put.  I still have one more bag of paper to shred, two old boxes to go through, and 87 of 124 DVDs imported for my iTunes library.  And the duplicate file delete on my recovered iTunes disk is almost half done.  (I still should write-up the story of how it got lost in the first place…  I’ll just add that to my ever-growing to-do list.)

The bad news – I haven’t gotten anywhere on this site, nor the sister sites.  I have an multi-site tool I want to test, called InfiniteWP, for managing all updates and plugins, but I haven’t even gotten to creating the database.

So, I think that since I’m at the keyboard already, I’m going to create databases and make ready for the admin site creation.

Oh, and make dinner.  I should probably eat something today.  More than peanut butter on Ritz crackers, that is.

Have fun, readers.