Daily Archives: 2013/04/13

Well, the second half of this week was busy…

Wednesday ended up being almost 12 hours of chasing around and waiting, Thursday was a whole lotta chasing around, too, and Friday was a whole lotta little things.  Not to mention a bit of snowfall and shoveling heavy, wet snow.

And then late last night, a botnet of hacked WordPress sites was announced.  Of course I checked security on this site (fortunately, I enforce stronger than super-strong passwords, removed the default admin username already, and have two other security detection methods in place,) and implemented a plugin to take care of the rest of the holes:  Better WP Security.

To see an official post about WordPress, click here:  Passwords and Brute Force.

So, to anyone out there paying attention to this blog anymore, I strongly urge you to check out the above links, and take action on your own WordPress site, as necessary.

And now I’m babysitting a 3TB drive defrag that has just gotten to one-third complete, re-ripping DVDs for my iTunes library, and doing laundry.

I’ll post more on the iTunes library/hard drive failure later, that really deserves a post of its own.

But for now, I have chores to do, then more website security and plugin compatibility to review and swear at.  *ahem*  I mean, implement/fix!


Implement and fix.

So, until later.